The Right Way to a Strong Core

Throughout social media and online, images of celebrities and fitness experts abound of their toned bodies and beach-ready attire. While they have teams of diet professionals and fitness trainers, the average person may only have their drive, determination, and a gym membership. However, the path towards strong core and abs begins with doing things the right way at the gym. Proper technique and form are very important.

squat exercise

More Than Just the Amount Being Lifted

When using the gym equipment, many often think that the amount of weights being lifted will determine how strong one is. However, true strength lies in more than just the number of dumbbells at the ends of the bar. Being able to do multiple reps in multiple sets in a consistent manner is what will stimulate healthy muscle growth. Consistency is the key and to establish consistency, doing it the right way will yield better results than simply lifting heavier weights but with less proper form with each set.

Begin With Squats

Squatting is one of the most effective exercises that results in high calorie burn while utilizing multiple muscle groups throughout the body. Thighs, buttocks, abs, and even chest muscles are all worked out when performing a squat exercise. However, it must be done right so that more of them can be done consistently.

Tips for Good Squats

A few basic beginner tips involving squats would be to keep an erect straight body when squatting. Pretending like one is about to sit down, though knowing there is no chair behind, is a good way to get the body used to the mechanics of squatting. Keeping the heels firmly on the ground is important. If one uses the toes more than the heels, this has the negative effect of putting pressure on the knees when ascending. This can result in knee damage, something that must be avoided at all costs.